3 Methods Of Fashioning Decorative Concrete in Australia

Homeowners in Australia focus on utilizing their skills to figure out what cement has to offer in terms of decorative improvements. Concrete is a standard raw material which is used in the flooring, walls and any parts of the building. It can be smooth, plain, or stained to unique decorative designs. Regardless of whatever design you choose, it is always essential to maintain the concrete clean in order to increase its shelf life. There are various methods to creating a fashionable decorative concrete in Melbourne.

There are various options available for customizing your floors, walls or any part of the building which uses concrete. If you want to have a granular structure on your walls, you can go for micro toppings to change the texture of the concrete. Likewise, there are various decorative means which can help you give a newer look to your buildings.

Below are the 3 methods of fashioning decorative concrete in Melbourne cities.

1. Stamping

Who would not like to have a more decorative and polished structure to their house – be it walls or floors? Some of the Melbourne buildings have great stamping which are transformed from a normal cement structure to a more brick or a stony structure. Besides being quite durable, these concrete buildings are very economical and are free from acid attacks and dry shakes. However, these polished concrete have a downside that if they are colored, the colors would gradually fade away regardless of what it is exposed to.you can read more information by visiting the website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Construction_Achievement_Award

2. Stain with acid

Though this is not a dyeing method, it is still used to provide color to the cement. This staining process certainly has some amount of negative reaction on the concrete surface. Since the salts and minerals react with the concrete to provide a perfectly unique tone, many house owners prefer to use acid stain to give a antique look to their house. Acid stains may however have a negative impact on the quality and durability of the concrete material as it may gradually deteriorate the building structure by making it more fragile.

3. Using Dyes

Colorful designs are always attractive and liked by every household in Melbourne. Concrete textures, colors, designs and a variety of combinations of these can be easily done with a technique called dyeing. When constructing either commercial or residential buildings, most of the Melbourne constructors prefer to use various colors of dye which create not only attractive designs, but also give a great decorative concrete look. These concrete dyes can be used to color bridges, walls, or even floors. These sunlight exposed aggregate need to be regularly repainted using fresh dyes. Exposing these dyes to bright sunlight can fake away the colors gradually.

Fashioning Decorative Concrete

Most of the Australian buildings use cement for construction because they are environment friendly and maintain a comfortable temperature reducing the heat and maintaining energy efficiently. Besides that if the decorative concrete has multiple layers, they help in stabilizing and maintaining the temperatures at optimal level. Beautiful decorations help the concrete transform from an ordinary slab to a more solid and decorative slab.

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