Seven Steps to Success with Decorative Concrete


Seven Steps to Success with Decorative Concrete Concrete placement is not something easy to do but it requires a professional to do it. When putting decorative concrete it is important for you to ensure that it is done in the right way. The factors that you need to consider when placing this kind of concrete are the size and shape of the placement area, the depth and the finishing. Here are some of the seven steps to use in order to succeed with decorative concrete.

1. The layout

To put up a good decorative or polished concrete there must be a good layout and it should be checked to ensure that it is accurate. When you start with a non-square layout you risk affecting the whole structure and this is very risky.

2. Preparation of the site

This a very important factor to consider when you want a decorative concrete. The site must be prepared well so that the poured concrete would be strong durable and would have a good longevity.

3. The forms

The reason why the forms are set is simply to contain concrete whle its being poured. There are different materials that are used to make forms and they include materials such as plastic, wood and metal.

4.Concrete placement

Before concrete is placed it is in order for you to ensure that the forms are in place and that the sub-base is complete. The concrete contractor that you hire should be able to offer you quality concrete placement and he should be able to offer proper concrete mix.

5.Initial finishing

What do you understand by initial finishing? This is done when the concrete mix. You use a wet mix to screed the top layer of the wet mix to make it firm. Initial finishing is what has made the initial driveways Melbourne to be strong and at the same time durable. The aim of this initial finishing is to enable consolidation of the concrete mix and also to make the mixture to be compact.


Toweling is very important when you want to achieve a decorative concrete. Finish troweling aims at making the concrete to have a smooth look and makes the finished products to look good. The firming stage is what determines the strength of the decorative concrete. A steel trowel may also be used to make the concrete hard and at the same time smooth.

7.Finishing and curing

This is the last stage when making a decorative concrete and this should be done in a proper way. Being the final step, a surface finish is done to give the concrete a highly stamped, polished and a bloomed finish. The aim of finishing and curling is to make the concrete have a textured and slightly rough surface.

Last but not least, these stages should be followed to the latter if you want to achieve a concrete finish that is of high quality and that is attractive. Concrete placement should be done by experienced professionals only as this will ensure that you get quality results.

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