Preventing Damage to Polished Concrete Floors

Designer Premix recently commented on the explosive growth in requests for polished concrete floors. They are fast becoming very popular and it isn’t difficult to see why. Concrete is probably one of the easiest flooring options for many homes today since they can be inexpensive and fairly easy on the maintenance side of things too. However, concrete is going to be very popular because of how versatile it is and in today’s world, most are looking for effective but affordable items and concrete is one of those things. However, how can you prevent damage to polish concrete floors?

Regular Maintenance

To be honest, good maintenance will allow a good polished concrete floor to remain intact for longer. Now, that isn’t to say it will never get damaged for one reason or another but regular maintenance is actually one of the best ways to help prevent damage and keep things looking new for longer. Maintenance might not sound fun but actually it’s not difficult and it will help to prevent damage from occurring. Most people don’t think about maintenance to help prevent damage from occurring but it can help.

Clean the Floors Quickly

As well as maintaining the floors regularly, you must remove any dirt when it first appears. You may clean the floors once every two weeks or once a month but you shouldn’t allow dirt or debris to form until the floor is next washed. Removing the dirt whenever it forms will allow you to keep the polished concrete looking great and in good shape too. Remember, grime can easily form if its left to get worse over time, even if it’s only a week or two; that is why removing dirt whenever its seen is important. What is more, ensure the floor is dried thoroughly too otherwise cracks can appear.see my latest post at

Be Wary Of Using Stain Removal Solutions

There are lots of great stain removal solutions out there to try but while some can tackle stains instantly, some can cause lots of problems for decorative concrete. When looking for stain removal, you need to get one that is suitable for polished concrete flooring; there are some out there, so it’s just the case of finding them. However, if you can’t, you can easily use diluted bleach and water to clean the floors and remove pesky stains and this shouldn’t do damage to the flooring.

Use Concrete Sealer

Most people forget to have concrete sealer placed on top of the polished concrete which can help prevent damage. Now, the sealer is almost a protective shield between the concrete and the feet walking over the top of it. This isn’t too costly to purchase and if you are worried about adding this, you could get a handy man to do this very cheaply too. Concrete driveways Melbourne still need to look their best and a good concrete sealer should help protect it.

Polished Concrete Floors

Get Value from Your Concrete

You may think concrete can be easily destroyed but actually, it can be long lasting and it can remain looking great also if the right steps are taken. Sometimes, it’s a simple case of good maintenance that helps keep the concrete flooring looking good. Be wary and take care of your polished concrete floors today.

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