How to Achieve Success on Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete Floors

By using a wide range of polished concrete finishes that are available, you can create an elegant and new look for your home. There are lots of different approaches to preparing a polished concrete floor that perfectly suits your interior design plan. If you are polishing an existing slab or starting from scratch, there are several variables that can be modified to provide your floor the wonderful finish.

1. Laying Polished Concrete Floors

Whether you are considering polished concrete as an option for floors, you must decide on the best methodology to create the look you want. Your option will also be affected by the fact of pouring a new slab or polishing an existing slab as well.

When you build a new house, office or factory, you will have the advantage of choosing a slab mix that will end well. You can even choose aggregate mixes that will balance your interior design plans. Various colors and textures in the mix of aggregates can create a striking appearance. You can also have your existing concrete slab milled and sanded for an outstanding result. If you are seeking more control over the finish, or if you want a particular color or pattern, you can consider the overlays of designer floors.

2. Controlling Your Routine

Choosing the correct grind is not significant just for your morning espresso. By varying the amount of soil in a slab, the amount of exposed aggregate will be modified. To create an exposed aggregate polished concrete floor, the slab is ground down, the deeper the milling, the greater the amount of aggregate that is exposed. For a few dark spots, opt for a light grind.

A heavy grinding can show much of the aggregate and prepares a very textured as well as striking surface. A medium grind is an excellent balance between the two. Whether you are pouring a new slab, you might consider a burnished finish as well. In this case, the concrete is poured in a way that allows it to seal without grinding it. This is a practical way to achieve a polished concrete finish. Click here.

3. Aggregate Finishes

If you are pouring a new slab, then you can select your aggregate mix to determine the final appearance of the floor. Add river rock, pebbles and even marble chips can create an impressive variety of different finishes.

4. Design Floors

Designer floors are an excellent option if you are seeking a durable floor that will always be in style. These types of polished concrete finishes are very popular in stores, restaurants, showrooms, and homes. The new slab is crushed, and a new surface is prepared at the top and then sealed. You can achieve different colors, effects, and patterns.

5. Stained Concrete Overlay

Like designer floors, a layer of stained concrete offers you the option of a wide range of colors and finishes. When you consider polished concrete finishes are limited to gray, then think again. The translucent finish resembles that of natural stone, the look is timeless as well as elegant.

The current popularity of concrete as a preferred floor covering means that there are new technology and method that are always being developed. With such a wide range of polished concrete finishes available, your just real limit is your imagination. More details in site:

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