In search of flooring materials, the most considered determinants are aesthetics, durability and ease of maintainance. People ever rarely think about health benefits, or do people even know that floors have health benefits?. There are many ailments that can be aggravated by us being in certain circumstances or situations.that adversely affect our health, unawares of their impact, we are unable to take evasive action. Polished concrete provides a lot of benefits to their owners that may be oblivious to them, even health benefits that were unknown.


No matter how hard we ever try to clean the floors, we can’t totally clear the dirt as some will find their way into crevices. Polished concrete surfaces brings the difference here, especially when it is buffed and polished to a high gloss, is a clean surface on which no nasty bugs, allergens or bacteria can make their home. Their shiny surfaces prevents dust from sticking and stops the build-up of germ, to identify dust and dirt quicker than on other surfaces. Occasional use of a good disinfectant floor cleaner is enough to ensure that your floor remains free of germs and your family remains free of diseases and health concerns.


Especially if there are people living in the home who struggle with  allergies or asthma, concrete floors may prove to be the best shot at a better air.  Different flooring options like carpeting may provide options for mold growth and other organic fungi build-up when exposed to moisture, this is different for concrete floors as they are not made of natural fibers and organic materials, hence providing  media for growth of these pathogens. On accumulation, these molds will release spores that further aggravate these allergies. Read more.


Maybe people overlook the effect of physical stress on health , failing to acknowledge that stress itself is a predisposing factor for rapid aging. Having in mind that with other flooring options, dirt can be hidden in crevices and can accumulate to cause harm, there is a consciousness to exert more energy in scrubbing the floor and to do this more frequently. In cases where only one person bears the burden of this stressful activity, there is bound to be breakdown sooner or later. This story is quite different with concrete floors as only a slight scrub is sure to dislodge whatever dirt that have found it’s way into the home.


Having children under our custody will require that we become more careful , especially when they are playful. This demands that the floors and surrounding environment be devoid of materials that can cause harm to them as they engage in such activities. Polished floors amongst other qualities, possess a highly reflective surface that makes it easier to identify dirts and water spills that may cause home hazards like slips, which may result in fractures. They have been tested and proven to meet, and most often exceed, OSHA and ADA standards for slip resistance.


Exposed  aggregate and polished concrete have proven to stand tall amongst other flooring options providing aesthetics, durability and health benefits that have continued to put smiles on the faces of their users. Their easy to maintain quality have also endeared them to the heart of many as the first choice flooring option. Needing information or help in installing polished concrete floors today? , check concrete dribewys Melbourne. For more information visit:

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