Behr Concrete Stain To Enhance The Floor’s Beauty

Any Behr concrete stain product is one sure way to enhance the appearance and beauty of our concrete floors. Since 1947, Behr (with a bear as its logo) has been producing various paint products for all kinds of exterior and interior surfaces. Here, we shall focus on Behr’s concrete stain line. The company offers two concrete stain products: BEHR PREMIUM Solid Color Concrete Stain and BEHR PREMIUM SemiTransparent Concrete Stain.

The Behr Concrete Stain Solid Color

The product is a water-repellent and durable solid color stain that is meant to help enhance and protect interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. For us, this means walls and floors. The Siliconized Acrylic formulation was made with 100 percent acrylic and high-performance resins that shape a long-lasting, strong and opaque film on surfaces that are properly primed.

Where To Use The Behr Concrete Stain Solid Color

This concrete stain product can be used on surfaces like masonry walls, concrete, patios, basements, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, tennis courts, pillars, brick, and cement blocks. This product may not be used on surfaces susceptible to hydrostatic pressure. On driveways and garage floors, over-application or the lack of the right surface preparation may lead to vehicle tires lifting the concrete stain from the surface.

The Semitransparent Concrete Stain

This semi-transparent stain by Behr supplies the color variation found in certain natural stone. Various concrete texture, composition, application technique and surface imperfections affect the finished product. If one wants to achieve a uniform concrete floor color, one may use BEHR PREMIUM Solid Color Concrete Stain # 800.need more details?visit

Where To Use The Semitransparent Concrete Stain

This product may be used on unsealed and uncoated and properly-primed exterior or interior pavers, patios, walkways, driveways, garage floors, and many other concrete floors. For garage floors and driveways, the concrete’s composition varies. Thus, over-application and/or the lack of proper priming can lead to vehicle tires lifting the stain from the floor surface.

Behr has a word of caution when using this product. The stained surfaces could be slippery when wet and this concrete stain may not be used on surfaces that are prone to hydrostatic pressure. We must also be careful when walking, especially when the floor is moist.


Concrete Stain

The right preparation and priming is paramount in ensuring that the surface can properly accommodate the stain product. We must cure the concrete for 30 days before applying the stain. We also may use paint strippers to remove old sealer or coating. Testing is also needed. We sprinkle a few drops and if the water penetrates, the surface is primed. A masonry cleaner and etcher is also important. Behr recommends the Concrete and Masonry Cleaner & Etcher # 991.

After that, we must also use a mildew stain removing product to remove mildew stains. The last step in preparation is applying a product like BEHR PREMIUM Concrete/Masonry Bonding Primer #880 to boost adhesion of the topcoat to the floor’s surface.

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